SOLC flashlights are designed especially for users looking for maximum performance, longest battery life, premium light alloy workmanship and fast, intuitive operation with many handy features. Users who do not need such gigantic performance can take advantage of its unrivaled efficiency in lower modes. It is thanks to the use of a large number of ultra-powerful LEDs that it is possible to achieve incomparably better efficiency than any other one-day lamp. As a result, the SOLC lamps will last more than twice as long on an equally large or heavy battery.

Why flashlight SOLC ?

If you buy a SOLC flashlight, you can be sure that you have the best that you can buy today. The versions of the SOLC Scorpion, Spider and Spike are designed as bicycle lamps, but thanks to their versatility, smaller versions can be used as an ideal headlamp. Every user can choose the lamp exactly according to their wishes. The SOLC Scorpion T-73 and Spider T-58 are primarily designed for the bike. As a novelty, there are large built-in rechargeable batteries for then you can shine some hours with hundreds lumens. They then recharge automatically from anything you connect to the flashlight. At the same time, these bodies have the largest cooling surface. If you require ultra-light headlamps with huge power, the Spider T-24 or Scorpion T-23 is the obvious choice. These headlamps can deliver much more power than anything available in the market . It's up to you how much lumen you turn on. The disadvantage of a lightweight body is a smaller area of ​​the ribs, which is, however, still many times larger than any headlamp in this weight category. If you want a compromise between size, cooling and weight, choise the Scorpion T-47 and Spider T-40. A quick overview of the basic parameters can be found in the LIGHTS menu under "List of flashlights". A special novelty is the SOLC Scorpion T-44. The design of this flashlight is completely subordinated to cooling with little movement => The only 61mm deep rib has cooling capability like a small headlamp! . Although it is still a larger headlamp, but suitable for anything such as hiking, camping, orienteering, speleo, mushing, MTB, downhill. It can also be perfectly used as a powerful caving headlamp, mainly for its maximum possible cooling area.If you buy a SOLC flashlight, you can be sure that you have the best you can buy today. bicycle headlamp light for biking MTB runnig orienteering geocaching Hiking caving mushing ski speleo

  • Developed and produced in the Czech Republic
  • Precise handwork
  • Many variations and personal approach
  • High efficiency and longest possible endurance
  • Maximum cooling area
  • Flat optics with protective glass for cavers
  • Highest possible light output
  • Always the latest LED chips
  • Color RGB and UV LEDs
  • Unrivaled Integrated Electronics
  • Cutting-edge ARM microprocessors and software updates
  • Built-in batteries
  • Ultra fast charging
  • Convenient operation and quick mute
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope and proximity sensor
  • Precision Alloy Bodies
  • Gold Plated Screw IP68 Connectors
  • Universal GOPRO mounts GOPRO mounts

Always the best

My developed lamps are not mass produced to reduce costs and produce an average product. I try to develop lamps that always use the best LEDs and components to create not only the most powerful but also the most versatile lamps in the world. there is no pocket of excess material. The rib area is always on the whole body. When you look at other lamps, their ribbing is several times smaller and shallower. Maybe some people will be surprised by the direction of the ribs. It sounds incredible, but the longitudinal ribs will not give better cooling. It is necessary to cool the flashlight as much as possible on the spot or with slight movement. This is better served by a large surface of circular fins from which heat radiates upwards. With faster movement, sufficient turbulent flow is created and the fins cool the lamp. The longitudinal fins would improve cooling by just 10% while driving.

Inside there are two processors that control the various functions of the flashlight. The Revolutionary Copper PCB works like the brain of a flashlight.All other electronics such as LED driver, universal charger, balancer, voltage, current and thermal protection, RGB LED with control, UV LED, proximity sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer and bluetooth with antenna are integrated on this PCB. Thanks to this integration, very functional lights were created in an incredibly small and lightweight body. Nothing like this anywhere in the world. Such integration took me years, but thanks to it I was able to reduce everything several times and components that previously fit into a smaller box can now be in one small lamp. Despite its maximum integration, the flashlight incorporates extremely powerful components that deliver unmatched performance. For more information on high-end electronics, read text in each lights.

O mě a historii svítilen

The first lamp with the original name ZORA was created as a custom light for a friend in 2010. At that time most lights contained one or three 5Watt LED XPG and luminous flux about 500 lumen was considered enormous. One of the rare exceptions was the most powerful LUPINE BETTY, which contained a multi-optic with seven LED XPGs and an output of 1800 lumen, which at that time seemed unsustainable performance. At the same time, CREE introduced the first 10W LED XML with an output of nearly 1000 lumens. Because my friend wanted something extraordinary, I found the perfect TIR optics. Thanks to my perfect knowledge of electronics, I developed a powerful LED DRIVER and I used 6 these LEDs. I designed a sophisticated solid monolithic ribbed aluminum body to cool enormous power. The Scorpion was built with a total output of 60Watt and incredible luminous flux of 4500 lumen ANSI. This power was three times higher than the LUPINE BETTY. This bike light was never introduced in the world and was sold only in the Czech Republic. After two years in 2013, a smaller Spider flashlight was introduced and the Scorpion's performance was increased to 6050 lumen. Even after 7 years Customers have a flashlight that still has no competition today.

V roce 2014 zaèaly myšlenky o dalším vylepšení svítilen. Svítilny ZORA nemìly být jen nejsilnìjší, ale celkovì nejuniverzálnìjší pro všechna použití a disponovat tìmi nejlepšími prvky, které jsou k dispozici. Toto vylepšování nakonec zabralo nìkolik let intenzivního vývoje. Èasto jsem trávil i 16 hodin dennì mìøením a ladìním integrované elektroniky. Tu jsem vypiloval na tu nejvyšší úroveò jakou lze dosáhnout. Nic obdobného nikde na svìtì nenajdete a to ani v automobilových reflektorech atd. To mohu tvrdit, protože sám elektroniku s LED do svìtlometù také dìlám. Pro srovnání - elektroniku do závodního speciálu svìtlometu pro auto odladím v øádù týdnù, avšak elektroniku do mých svítilen v øádu let intenzivní práce. Možná to zní neuvìøitelnì ale revize plošného spoje Spidera je už asi 85 v øadì, z èehož fyzicky mám vyrobeno kolem 30ks vývojových verzí Spidera. Èas, práce a vše ostatní, co jsem do vývoje svítilen vìnoval se mi možná ani nevrátí, ale takovéhle vìci dìlá èlovìk, protože ho to baví. Dokáže tak vytvoøit mnohem lepší vìci než tuènì placení zamìstanci.