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There is another novelty from a number of upcoming lights - Spike. This time in the form of an ultralight headlamp with a weight of 21 grams and a power of around 3000 lumens ANSI. It is a squirt with a thickness of only 11 mm, which you put even in the smallest pocket. It took me a long time to get it all wet and stuff it there. Spike took the best of Spider and retained RGB, UV and wave control, etc. It is ideal for use on running, but also for fast bike rides. Despite its small size, it retains fine ribbing around the entire perimeter of the lamp. Thanks to the extensive mounting options of the GOPRO, it can be mounted anywhere, because thanks to its fly weight it will not shake or interfere.

Controlling the headlamp is the simplest: a click immediately turns on the headlamp and others click another mode. If you want to use those extra functions, you can turn on the headlamp by double-clicking, triple-clicking, etc. - you will get into special groups (see video) and you can play. Preview Spike video


The best efficiency of the six LEDs

The biggest advantage of this mini headlamp is the use of the best LED XPL2 in the number of 6 pieces - the maximum power is theoretically 60Watt and almost 8000 lumens, but they are operated at a fraction of power, which not only ensures unlimited life, but especially double efficiency, than if there was only one such LED. Thanks to this, they have an output of 1000 lumens at 5Watt, which puts all the headlamps on the market in their pockets, they have a maximum of two LEDs and not even as powerful.

eff LED XPL2

The perfect cone

Spike has optics only 7mm deep and consists of seven 10mm collimators. This allows the Spike a completely flat design and minimal weight. Other headlamps with a larger diameter also have a greater depth and thus do not allow for minimalist design.

This optics gives a perfect cone. The narrower 15 ° main cone gives sufficient afterglow not only for running, but also for a fast downhill bike ride. This narrower cone smoothly transitions into a wide 40 ° cone, which fully illuminates the space in front of the lamp. Thanks to this optics, the lamp has a light cone as if you were combining several different optics.

There is also a second cone with an output of 80 lumens with a warm shade and a very wide beam angle for use for lighting when working near or diffuse lighting, for example in a tent. This LED can be exchanged for UV LED or HI-CRI LED.

The central collimator is dedicated to the RGB LED, with which you can light both red and all other colors. When the red LED is lit, the pupils do not narrow and you can see them immediately in the dark after it goes out.


Minimal heat loss

Every powerful flashlight gets very hot, Spike is no exception. However, high heating is only at times much higher performance than the competition. This is because a maximum of 320 lumens can be obtained from 1Watt of power input. Thanks to 6 LEDs, Spike reaches 230 lumens out of 1Watt and the rest is still converted into heat. Thus, 1/3 of the power is converted into heat, which is up to many times less than other headlamps with one LED and 100lm / W. They convert 2/3 of the energy into heat and then heat up even at half power and higher power cannot be cooled. That's why Spike, despite its fly weight and dimensions, puts much larger headlamps into his pocket with power.


It shines from anything

This lamp has maintained compatibility with all SOLC batteries via a single rugged connector. It is possible to buy an 11.1 Volt battery pack weighing only 95 grams or a giant 22.2 Volt battery pack with 325 grams. At the same time, Spike has standard support for lighting from USB 5 Volt via USB cable. However, the output is limited to 1000 lumens to avoid damaging the powerbank. When using a power bank with QC3 technology, the full power of the flashlight is available.


GOPRO mounting

All SOLC lamps have a GOPRO mount, so it is possible to use them in different holders. SOLC Spike belongs to the smallest flashlight and is suitable for all types of holders for body or helmet.