SOLC luminaires use a wide range of mounting options with the GOPRO aluminum holder. Thanks to this attachment, the connection is not only strong but also thermally conductive and the holder thus absorbs a large amount of heat, which generates the extreme performance of SOLC lamps. Furthermore, this heat is transferred to the frame. Even carbon frames have relatively good thermal conductivity in the longitudinal direction. In this way, the cooling surface of the lamps is further increased and the lamps are able to cool much higher power than other types of lamps with plastic or rubber jacks.

GOPRO mount handlebar

On the handlebars

The classic attachment is with a GOPRO handlebar holder. The holder is firmly attached with Allen keys and a flashlight is easily and quickly attached to the GOPRO system. Many color variants are available. This solution weighs 27 grams and is included in the price of the lamp. GOPRO holder with quick release is in preparation, watch the news section, more information here…

GOPRO GPS mount flashlight

A handy variant is a holder combining GPS and flashlight mounting. This holder also absorbs much of the heat generated by the lamp.

GOPRO mount stem

A very interesting and elegant option is to attach the GOPRO holder to the stem screws themselves. This position is best for bargraph lamps. The holder weighs only 14 grams and the lightest possible firm attachment of the lamp is. However, for extremely demanding descents, choose a mount that does not interfere with the construction of the handlebars.

When mounting, make sure that the bracket is properly tightened, if you do not want to loosen the handlebars yourself, contact a specialist garage.

GOPRO mount stem new

A more expensive variant is a similar holder but with adjustable eyelets. In this case, it is not necessary for some stems to place spacers under the screws. The holder is then even lighter, more compact and the screws can be shorter. This attachment is the best possible for SOLC lamps, the visibility of the bargraph is ideal.

SPACER L GOPRO mount headset lights

On the head composition

These variants are the easiest mounting options and add only 8g of extra weight. There are two options, either as a spacer under the cover or directly instead of the cover to use the cover with GOPRO attachment.

GOPRO mount headset new for SOLC bike lights

If you have a stem with a large inclination, then you must add a small extension to the handle or use spacers under this holder, because the lamp would be obscured by the stem itself. If you already have a shortened fork and you have no spacer, then it is not possible to use the holder variant as a spacer.

Furthermore, this holder is not suitable for lamps with a bargraph, because when driving you will get into a position where the bargraph is difficult to read.

SPACER L GOPRO mount helmet for bike lights

For a bicycle helmet

To attach to the helmet, it is possible to use a holder that attaches to the ventilation holes on the helmet. The first type has only two eyes for stretching and tightening the strap, the second type has a faster variant with a lever.

A GOPRO clip is inserted into the holder, into which the flashlight is attached. The clip can be ejected when pressed. It is possible to attach a Spider with an inner pack to this holder. If you want to have Spider over your forehead, choose LONG on the far right. The weight of the holder with the strap is 41g.

GOPRO mount clip helmet for SOLC bike lights
SPACER L GOPRO glued helmet mount

For a climbing helmet

It is possible to use an adhesive holder for a climbing helmet. This holder can be glued to any bicycle or cross-country ski helmet. It is possible to use both types of clip. This solution weighs 26g.

GOPRO mount rock helmet for SOLC bike lights

The very strong helmet holder is a small screw-on aluminum handle with a milled underside for a perfect fit to the helmet. When mounting, choose a suitable place on the approximate headlight. Headlamps with a larger integrated battery need more space at the rear and it is necessary to attach the holder slightly higher.

Since the SOLC flashlights are made of aluminum and this holder is firmly bolted to the helmet, in the event of an impact with the flashlight, the flashlight will not break and the holder will not peel off and therefore all the force will be transferred to the helmet.

GOPRO NGV mount millitary helmet for SOLC bike lights

For the strongest attachment, use a holder designed for military purposes. This holder is screwed to the helmet with 3 screws. When mounting, select a suitable location for lamps with integrated battery.

If you choose the extremely powerful SOLC Scorpion headlamp and want to use it at full power even in slower motion, then choose this holder. The GOPRO insert adapter is made entirely of aluminum and can hold part of the heat generated by the lamp. The heat is then distributed even further to another relatively large cooling area.

GOPRO NGV mount millitary helmet for SOLC bike lights

This holder is available in three versions - standard 66 g, lightweight aluminum 34 g and ultralight nylon 16g, insertable aluminum GOPRO adapter weighs 36 g.

As with the previous version, make sure that any impacts are transferred to the helmet.

GOPRO NGV mount millitary helmet for SOLC bike lights
SPACER L GOPRO headstrap for SOLC bike lights

On the headband and hat

Comfortable attachment of the lamp is possible with the help of a comfortable wide GOPRO strap. The inner sides of the straps are treated with anti-slip silicone strips. This strap weighs 78g. For lighter Atto and Eye headlamps, you can do a top strap and the pregnancy will be reduced to 52g. If you want to use a SOLC Spider with an internal battery as a headlamp, you must use a small extension piece. The strap is also available in color variants, but they do not have anti-slip strips.

GOPRO knob for SOLC bike lights
SPACER L GOPRO headdress for SOLC bike lights

On the headband and hat

For ultra light headlights such as Atto and EYE, it is possible to use a simple and super light 10g QuickClip. It is verified that the Atto weighing 50g with the holder does not snag even when running.