The dominant feature of Scorpion is the crystal clear, large optics, which achieves an unrivaled luminosity of 136,500 candels, even in the design of a compact headlamp. The individual collimators are hexagonally shaped to perfectly fill the space of the front side. Thanks to this, it achieves an exceptional afterglow at an angle of 8 °. If different LEDs are used, the cone can be shaped to different angles of 8 ° or 22 °.

Luminosity is a very important parameter for lamps. It indicates how far the lamp shines in a certain direction. Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not specify this important parameter. The afterglow cannot be read from the data in lumens. Lamps equipped with small optics cannot direct the luminous flux and their performance is unnecessary.


Famous LED power

The most powerful lamp is equipped with ultra-efficient XHP50.2 LEDs with a power input of 95W and a luminous flux of 13,350 lumens. These LEDs are among the absolute peaks and achieve an extreme output luminous flux of 12,000 lumens ANSI. Thanks to these LED lamps, it works with a great efficiency of 220 lm / W even at outputs around 1000 lumens , where it consumes only 5 Watts instead of 10 Watts as with other 1-3 LED lamps and lasts 2x longer. 7200 lumens can only deliver 50 watts.

When fitted with German OSRAM automotive LEDs, the lamp achieves extreme afterglow.

High CRI headlamp flashlamp

On special request in the order, the lamp can be fitted with any shade of LED. It is possible to choose a warmer 4000K LED with a high color rendering index (CRI) or even a color temperature of 6500K, but the high intensity of bluish light is not pleasant for most people.


Multi LED kombination 8° 17° 22° + diffuse 150° LED

Each user can choose the ideal variant for their use. By fitting different LEDs and their combinations, perfect lighting can be achieved for a given situation. Although this method requires the production of another copper PCB with different pads for LEDs, it gives the possibility of either unrivaled afterglow or huge light output.

You can choose from four variants. OSRAM LEDs give a very narrow cone of light and a maximum afterglow of 750 meters. However, this is redeemed by a smaller luminous flux. XPL2 LEDs are the most modern single-chip LEDs with very good efficiency, thus achieving perfect results in terms of cone width, afterglow and luminous flux. A novelty is the four-chip LED XHP50.2, which surpasses absolutely everything with its huge power of 12,000 Lumens, but also still a sufficient afterglow of 420 meters. These LEDs have the best efficiency for lower and medium modes, so they are the best solution in terms of durability. The last variant is a combination of different LEDs, which give a perfect light cone.


It is possible to fit another LED channel with an ultra wide cone in the lamp, it can be a classic white color as the main LED or LEDs with a high color rendering index can be selected or UV LEDs can be installed.


Silniční verze svítilny

If you prefer driving on the road, you can choose a variant with a longitudinally distributed luminous flux. The light cone was shaped to give maximum afterglow and at the same time illuminate the side parts of the terrain. After pressing the button, the flashlight switches to dim thanks to special optics and LEDs, so as not to dazzle oncoming cars. When pressed again, it returns to the previous mode. This version of the lamp is also perfectly suited to the field, where it is also not necessary to illuminate the treetops.

Although such a layout is considered to be a better use of light output, this is not entirely true. Due to their design, these high-end automotive LEDs are significantly less efficient than the XPL2 LED and especially compared to the XHP50.2. No manufacturer of such lights boasts the power of the lamp anymore. Believe me, I use the best chips, but the top XHP50.2 gives 7200 lumens of 55Watt, but these automotive LEDs need over 65Watt for that. it shines where it should, but with the extreme efficiency of the XHP50.2 you can illuminate everything - but sometimes it's undesirable.

e-super bike bicycle light

Efektové RGB + UV či CRI95 LED na základním DPS

RGB multicolor Flashlight RGB LED

In the basic version, two powerful 1.5 Watt RGB LEDs are located under the optics. For comparison, the classic 5mm LED with legs has a power of 0.1Watt. When switched on, the entire optics glow brightly with the selected color. Although this RGB LED is powerful (red 20lumen, green 40lumen, blue 7lumen), it has an effect function and is not used to illuminate more distant objects.

With LED RGB it is possible to choose 30 different colors and modes STROBO, DVOJBLIK and SINUS. You can read the control of these LEDs in the "Modes" tab.

UV LED 3Watt 60 degree

The lamp is also equipped with two more powerful 2-watt 375 - 400nm UV LEDs. Or it is possible to install an XPG3 LED with a high color rendering index of CRI 95 or deep red LEDs, etc. This LED is placed under the optics so that the outgoing rays penetrate as much as possible between the individual collimators.

You can use the UV LED to illuminate minerals or you can use it for various auxiliary functions of the lamp, for example for verifying the authenticity of banknotes or documents or for curing adhesives, disinfection, etc.

SPACER R extended PCB with LED UV RGB

Druhé přídavné DPS s LED RGB a UV

If you want higher power and luminosity and especially evenly distributed radiation, choose the option of a second PCB with LED. This PCB is designed for maximum use of the front surface. It is precisely designed and shaped to fit exactly between the parts of the optics. The individual LEDs not only light up the optics, but also shine through it and illuminate the space in front of it. On this PCB there are six 1.5 W ceramic RGB LEDs in the central part and an additional 12 small RGB on the edge. It is also possible to install another six LEDs XPG3 with a high color rendering index or six 2 Watt 60 ° UV 395nm ceramic LEDs. Six DEEP RED LEDs or AMBER LEDs can be fitted on special request, but keep in mind that RGB can produce virtually any color.

second LED

With these LEDs, you can easily illuminate the area in front of the lamp. The output of about 300 lumens of warm light on this additional PCB exceeds the output of other small headlamps, but the light cone is 90 ° wide. Thanks to the large number of XPG3 LEDs, they achieve an extremely high efficiency of 210lm / W. The "RGB" and "UV" or "CRI95" controls are exactly the same as in the previous case. In the picture on the left you can see the maximum used space in the lamp.


Úzký kužel světla s RGB, UV či CRI95

If you want to use these additional LEDs for medium afterglow, choose the variant of placing the LED in four small light guides on the edge of the optics. It is possible to fit either only one LED variant into these 4 positions or it is possible to combine positions such as 2 * RGB + 2 * UV LED. The control is exactly the same as in the previous cases. With this option it is possible to install only SOLC Scorpion in the longest variant.