Enormous light output, state-of-the-art electronics, integrated battery, low weight and extensive ribbing make SOLC Spider ultra-powerful small lamps. Such a high performance SPIDER in a light and ribbed body has no competition in the world. In addition to performance, the SPIDER also offers very compact dimensions and weight. Of course, the huge efficiency of 210lm / W in lower modes and thus 2x longer life on the same battery compared to 1-3 LED flashlights. There is no more powerful, lighter headlamp than the best Spider. The potential performance is as a bonus, which is also available thanks to the massive ribbing. The flashlight also has other handy features, which you can read about in other tabs. It is now possible to choose a flashlight in several designs suitable as an extremely powerful light headlamp. The T-40 version with 3x620mAh (6Wh) is a universal flashlight for both bicycles and it can also be used as a very powerful headlamp. If you want an ultra-light and flat solution with extreme performance, choose the T-24 variant. The maximum power of 50W 6250 lumen in this body is demanding on cooling, but the efficiency remains. If you require a light headlamp with maximum perfect cooling, choose the middle version in the variant without an internal battery.


The SPIDER is a smaller and lighter version of the Scorpion, which was introduced in 2010 with an output of 4,500 lumens, which was a huge performance - the most powerful Lupine Betty lamp at that time reached an output of 1800 lumens. If you buy a SOLC flashlight, you can be sure that for many years it will be the most powerful flashlight in the world, because even the old version of the Scorpion from 2013 with 6750 lumens will overwhelm even the most powerful lamps today. At the same time, you can be sure that there will be no revolutionary leap like it was from LED bulbs, because it is not possible to overcome the laws of physics and get more than 300 lumens of white light from 1Watt. SOLC lamps use a large number of powerful LEDs, which at low wattages reach up to around 220 lm / W. The bulbs had 13 lm / W.


Large battery in a compact body

Spider has taken over the technology of overall component integration and space saving inside the lamp. Classic lamps have a large LED driver, buttons, cable entry or holder holder inside the lamp. Spider also delivers a revolutionary integrated solution. All components have been reduced many times over thanks to state-of-the-art electronics, which will remain unrivaled for many years to come. Thanks to it and state-of-the-art technologies, a space was created inside the lamp, in which a small integrated battery was placed.

Now the Spider with the same dimensions has a large 3x1300mAh (14Wh) battery that lasts for hours at a power of hundreds of lumens. So you can enjoy rides without an external battery. If you light on the internal battery, the power of the lamp is signaled on the bargraph by purple LEDs instead of blue ones, which signal external power supply. When the external battery is discharged, the flashlight switches unnoticed to the internal battery.


Ultralight ribbed monoblock

The lamp is made of one piece of durable light alloy completely made in the Czech Republic. The heat from the LED is thus perfectly cooled by up to 14 systematically distributed deep fins. No other lamp has such massive ribbing. Ultralight lamps have been achieved thanks to several years of design optimization, perfect body design eliminating excess "pockets" of material and subsequent precise machining.

The ribs on the lamp are circular in shape, which allows zero air flow from the bottom up and zero cooling with zero movement. Any movement of the head on the spot directly blows the ribs. When moving forward, the ribs are against the direction, but a strong turbulent flow begins to form around the lamp and the resulting vortices blow the ribs very well. At the same time, nocturnal humidity exceeding 75% cools the vast area of ​​ribbing. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced in caves, where the temperature and humidity are almost 100%.


Perfect control

The rotary selector - or rotary pulse encoder as on the car radio is used for absolutely simple, fast control of the lamp. Press and hold the button to turn on the flashlight. 12 red LEDs light up gradually and the flashlight turns on. Rotate to select 6 basic modes. Press to switch the flashlight to 10% mode and return to the previous mode when pressed again. This works as the easiest and fastest switch between the two modes and can be used perfectly for fast muting from 100% to 10% and back or for switching between 1% and 10%, etc.

Since even the first 1% mode is relatively strong, it is possible to switch to ECO or SUPERECO mode. To select it at the lowest mode, turn another 5 or 10 pulses to the left. STROBE is quickly accessible another 10x turn to the right in 100% mode.

The flashlight can also be switched on in special STROBE, RGB, UV or CRI95 modes or locked for transport and unintentional switching on. More about these modes in the "Bargraph" section.


Gold-plated metal IP68 connector and IP68 micro USB

SOLC lamps are equipped with a top metal screw, waterproof connector with 4 gold-plated pins. It is designed for currents of 10 amps and outputs of up to 250 watts, while its dimensions are very small. You will not find such a high-quality robust connector with any other lamps. The connector complies with the IP68 standard with immersion tests of 10 m under water for 2 weeks. There are a total of 5 of these connectors in a set of a flashlight with an acupack and a charger. Only one similar connector costs several hundred crowns. The prices of these connectors often exceed the production costs of other lamps. Even with the most expensive lamps in the world, you will not find such a connector by far.


This connector is the same for all SOLC lamps, allowing the versatility of using different SOLC batteries. The flashlight and battery pack have built-in connectors and a connecting cable between them. This solution is thus completely indestructible. Any malfunctioning cable can be replaced. The connecting cable is of military PUR origin, which does not lose flexibility even at -40 ° C, or you can choose a completely flexible silicone cable. If other manufacturers do not specify the type of cable insulation, it is PVC, which already hardens at 0 ° C and overlaps over time.


GOPRO mounting

All SOLC lamps have a GOPRO mount, so it is possible to use them in different holders. However, the SOLC SPIDER is one of the large lamps and due to its weight of 265g in the version with an internal battery, it is not suitable for all types of holders for the body or helmet. If you are considering using the SPIDER on various holders for very difficult terrain or jumps, then use the version without an internal battery, which weighs 165g, which is the permissible weight for most applications.

When using shorter versions as a headlamp, keep in mind that the middle version of the spider weighs 117g and with an internal battery 195g, which can be a lot for someone's head. But, for example, LUPINE Betty weighs 150 grams.


Center of gravity of the lamp

The lamp is designed so that the center of gravity of the lamp points directly in the middle of the handlebar mount. Not all forces acting on the light in the field tend to rotate the light. Thanks to this concept, the holder puts less strain on them and the light is so stable even in difficult terrain and does not shake in any way.